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Sarah Iddings

Explore. Create. Engage.

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“Energizer bunny.” “So creative!” “Never slows down.”

Those are some of the ways that people in my life have described me. If I am not writing or creating digital media, I am road-tripping and exploring history and the outdoors. Next big adventure? Moving to Lynchburg, VA with my husband in August 2020 and discovering what the next step in my career will be!

Most recently, I’ve been stretching my creative muscles and enjoying life as part of the marketing team at Classical Conversations. You can check out my work on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If you’d like to learn more about how I’ve grown as a marketer there, check out my pitch deck.

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Projects & Features

Captured Yet Fleeting

Exploring life through photography inspired devotionals.

Pitch Deck

A visual display of my story and skills.

Find Experience Everywhere

You have relevant experience for almost any job; you just need to look at life the right way.

Here’s how.


A collection of videos that I’ve played supporting roles in for Classical Conversations.

When Projects Fail

When I was 22, my biggest project EVER failed.
Here is what I learned from that experience!

Praxis Alumni Spotlight

Praxis interviewed me on their blog! See how I create value for my company and what I learned in the Praxis boot-camp.


A Confession…

A Confession…

I definitely created this post because I knew I'd be giving my website to people at Social Media Marketing World...
Exploring Life Through Action Films | John Wick [Spoilers]

Exploring Life Through Action Films | John Wick [Spoilers]

Action films aren't my typical go-to (unless super hero movies count?). I'm the one who…

Adagio Teas: A Brief Marketing Case Study

Adagio Teas: A Brief Marketing Case Study

Recently I discovered Adagio Teas. At the time, I was in search of a white…

Acting in Promo Videos | My Team is Stuck in The ’90s

Acting in Promo Videos | My Team is Stuck in The ’90s

Lately the video team at my workplace has been on a 1990's kick with our…

My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 2

My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 2

Continuing the best of my #CCOfficeLife hashtag from My Weird Coworkers: Chapter 1, I now…

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