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You Matter.

You Matter.

Sometimes you matter a lot more than you think. Today was my last day at church before I move to North Carolina. During our snack break, a girl who attends there with me gave me the sweetest card. She is…

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7 Tips For Personal Social Media Engagement

7 Tips for Personal Social Media Engagement

So, I have a social media account. … Now what? Well, for starters, scrolling through family and friends’ content can be really fun! Following interesting pages and keeping up to date on events is nice too. Another great thing about…

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What You Need To Know About Auctions

What You Need to Know About Auctions

Tonight I attended my first-ever action. It was the annual benefit auction for my local library. It feels slightly funny that I’ve never been to it before. I’ve been employed to photograph their live auction items every year that they’ve…

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You Need A Break.

You Need a Break.

Breaks can feel like a necessary evil to the workaholic. Trust me, I tend to be one. Having a strong productivity mindset can be great, but it needs balance. No matter how enjoyable your work is, it is important to…

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Survivor Strategy For The Business World

Survivor Strategy for the Business World

Social strategy games are a great educational opportunity.   A group of friends and I occasionally play an online adaptation of the popular reality TV game show, Survivor. Over time, I’ve noticed five important concepts that apply both in-game and…

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