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Sarah Iddings

Explore. Create. Engage.

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“Energizer bunny.” “So creative!” “Never slows down.”

These are some of the ways that people in my life have described me. If I am not writing or creating digital media, I am traveling and exploring the outdoors. Due to my love of physical activity and productivity, you will often find me plotting ideas, working on writing projects, and doing social media research on a treadmill.

Currently, I get to stretch my creative muscles and enjoy life as part of the marketing team at Classical Conversations. You can check out my work on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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Captured Yet Fleeting

Exploring life through photography inspired devotionals.

Pitch Deck

A visual display of my story and skills.

Find Experience Everywhere

You have relevant experience for almost any job; you just need to look at life the right way.

Here’s how.

Blimey Cow Patreon Promo

Why should you support Blimey Cow on Patreon? Check out this promo video I made and learn why!

Adventure of Sair

My travel blog! Here you can find journals, gear reviews, destination guides, and advice.

My YouTube Channel

Periodically I make videos. Some of those go here!


Oops… I Procrastinated.

Oops… I Procrastinated.

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What I’ve Learned as a Social Media Marketer

What I’ve Learned as a Social Media Marketer

After a month of working in her first official marketing job, Sarah has four major…

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